Two years ago, my son asked me why we eat so much on Thanksgiving Day when there are children in Africa who don't have any food at all. As I looked into his eyes, I saw his heart struggle as I tried to find the words to explain the cruel reality so much of the world faces daily. Instead of trying to explain the unexplainable to a six year old, I placed him in my lap and said, "Jack, you cannot change the world, my son, but you can certainly change the world for one. Do you want to share your feast with a little boy in Africa this year?" His eyes lit up at the thought of feeding a hungry child, and his little mind began to race with ideas. Later that week, he made three simple phone calls that changed another child's story and planted a vision within me.

My heart ached and soared with emotion as I heard him tell his Papaw on the other line about all the hungry kids. He went on to explain their need for food and prayer, and that our family should be the ones to help them! Jack asked his Papaw and a few other relatives to bring some extra money on Thanksgiving Day so he could feed one.

Jack, excited to be mailing Share Kits to hundreds of families all across the United States!

Jack, excited to be mailing Share Kits to hundreds of families all across the United States!

We still wasted food that Thursday in November and even ate too much pie, but we left the table with enough money to feed Temesgen for almost an entire year!

We gained a new perspective that day. We found a way to share our abundance with the less fortunate. And the fourth Thursday of November has taken on a whole new meaning for our family. We hope you'll choose to join us and share your feast this year! When you pledge to feed and/or purchase a t-shirt, you are collectively helping end hunger for some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Together, we can change stories for hundreds of children!

Jessica Phillips
Executive Director

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