We're excited you've chosen to share your feast this Thanksgiving! You're about to make a HUGE difference in the fight against hunger, as 95¢ of every dollar you raise goes directly to the children of Story Changers for food and food-related expenses. To get started, fill out the pledge form and we'll send you a Share Kit, along with a photo of your new friend in Africa. Spend the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving by raising funds to feed your new friends! Come back here by December 5th to submit everything you've collected or simply mail in your contribution. It's that simple folks!

*If you are a church or school, please click here to learn more.

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  • Call your family members and ask them to bring a donation on Thanksgiving to place on your new friend’s plate.  
  • Give up your turkey or limit your sides and donate the money you saved.
  • Host a garage or bake sale.
  • Set up a jar for loose change at church, work or school.
  • If you’re a business owner, donate a meal (65¢) for each client check-in on social media.  
  • Sell Share the Feast t-shirts! Each one feeds five children.
  • Go door-to-door with your child’s picture and ask them to help the cause.  
  • Create a booth for selling lemonade, hot chocolate, or snacks at sporting events or family gatherings, giving all proceeds to Share the Feast.